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"With tension and tenderness, passion and intrigue, Connected weaves an intricate web of the ties that bind and the lies that divide. Felicity Chapman writes with a knowledge of human frailty and the power of human connectedness. A sensual and captivating read."


Gillian Guthrie - former current affairs journalist, now counsellor and

author of Childless: Reflections of a life's longing for itself  



"AMAZING! What a touching read. It made me cry!!!" (Facebook author page)

"Uplifting relationship drama. A believable story with rich, real characters and intertwined relationships. Lets you see the world through their eyes. Well written and easy to read." (

"I found Felicity Chapman's Connected a deeply interesting read. There are a range of reasons why... It's a fun read with deep themes running strong." (

"Although I read this book more that a year ago I can still feel the characters of Michelle and Lisa whenever I am reminded of Connected. I think this is because there is such a realness to these characters... The author refrains from the use of convoluted language but yet still manages to engage your senses. You can smell and touch suburban Australia. This is an accessible, raw and heartfelt story. I loved it." (

"Felicity writes with grace and poetry as she reveals her two main characters and their story of connection. All her characters have depth that is palpable... The story, and the people in it, will stay with you - each page an unexpected and fulfilling surprise." (

"Loved the story... hooked me in and made me cry." (


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