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Connected was released mid July 2019 on Amazon. Like the author page to stay tuned for details about paperback book giveaways for readers residing in Australia. Visit the Connected Facebook community now.


Winning the 2017 NSW writing competition.


​When Felicity had finished the manuscript for Connected at the end of 2016 she submitted it in a creative writing competition that was open to entrants across Australia. First prize was free manuscript appraisal which, while attractive to a budding novelist, felt equally as unlikely. So imagine her surprise when she found out that she had won! Kit, from the Manuscript Appraisal Agency (MAA), not only gave very generous and helpful feedback but was keen to catch up with Felicity and learn more about her writing journey. After winning the competition Felicity decided to withdraw her current edition from Amazon and in 2019 re-published it after revising Connected as per the MAA's feedback. Read the interview now. 


Why not rate and review Connected? It's easy. Here's how:


* To rate on Amazon click 'write a customer review'. Visit Amazon America , Amazon Australia or Amazon UK now.

* To review on Felicity's Facebook author page click 'reviews' on the left hand side then 'reviews'. Visit the Connected Facebook community now.

* To rate on Goodreads type 'Connected, Felicity Chapman' in the search pane then choose the rating star. Visit Goodreads now.




Still deciding? These descriptors might help...

Contemporary women's fiction, inspirational, relationship drama, personal evolution, mild erotica, suspense, love story, environmental ethics. Like the sound of that? Then chances are that you'll love Connected. Why not download the Kindle version? Visit Amazon now. 


Which main character are you most like?

Take part in a poll about which main character you are most like. Visit the Connected Facebook community now and like the page so you don't miss out and stay updated.

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