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Please find below a selection of poems by Felicity. 

This Love

This love; our love

Is not what I thought.


It’s not the strong beam

Bracing us together.


Or the silky web

That withstands the wind.


This love; our love

Is like porcelain.


A beauty to behold

But so fragile; so thin.


So easily smashed

Into tiny pieces.


A castaway leaf

Not anchored deep.


To a united life

Of commitment and care.


This love; our love

Is over my dear.



Felicity Chapman, 2014

My Soul

You are my earth and my sky

The sand soft to my touch.


Your simple grace supports me

Like a leaf stretched out

Holding a drop of morning dew.


Your face tells of a thousand stories

Of times we’ve shared and of a

Time when only our souls spoke;

Connected before our eyes had seen.


You are my sister

You are my soul.


You ride with me where

Others dare not travel.


Your sunshine is your smile

That I hold in my heart

And think of as I drift to sleep.


Your veins are my veins

Our blood the same

Our bodies beating as one

Whether near or far away.


You are my sister

You are my soul.


Felicity Chapman, 2014

The Way of The Fool

Over a lover’s note

The Fool looked down

Splayed was his heart

On that pensive page.


Why bother? said he

His face all a frown

Such treasure I give

Should I be more sage?


What if my lover

Does not feel the same?

Should I keep this gift,

Keep it locked in a cage?


My heart’s then safe

From hurts yet unknown

From a thousand dashed hopes

Souring into malaise.


No! said The Fool

With much conviction now

Waking up to himself

Seeing through his daze.


A gift should not be

In expect of return

To live in want and in hope

Now that is what’s crazed.


So if foolish it feels

To love abound

Then may I stay The Fool

And spread my gifts around.



Felicity Chapman, 2019

A Place To Rest

Born from one cell

And then we die.

Breath strong of life,


Filled with every dream and desire,

Then a rasping bow

To destiny;

All a fleeting blink of the eye.


Great kingdoms, mountains,

To the same fate they fall.

And what is there left?

What really is there?


Our identities as they pass

Through time?

The thrusting self?

Pride’s feathers fluffed

And preened?

The me that feels so tall?

That reaches with a warm embrace,

Then throws us to the wall?


Desserts of delusions,

Of wanting and need.

Of ferocious hunger;

An everlasting greed.

Where peace are you,

In this self so small?


What really is there?

I ask again.

Of the you that is here now,

In this moment,

And then into the next?


Young life,

Old life,

Changing states.

Through the river

Of our little ‘I’.

Before the before

And infinitum,

Who really is here now?


The golden drop that quenches thirst,

A space where we can be.

Sunyata is our rest,

Our refuge and our sight.

Our release of all

That weighs us down,

That madness that is cursed.


So, rest as awareness,

Which is as vast as the sky.

Be the circumference,

Not just the ‘I’.


Felicity Chapman, 2020


The song

The sound

And whispers of





Waves crashing

Thoughts dashing

Flowing in

Ebbing out.


The scene

Is the score

A music

That shakes me

Soothes me


To the core.




In the wind

The tide

The ragged

Ocean shore.


Not just

A picture

Of delight

To see,


Not just



Its melody,


But an open space

A poignant place

Of so much



Soul and mind


With the sand

The sea,



In harmony

An orchestra

Of purity.


Felicity Chapman, 2021

Love's Reframe

In the summer’s breeze

An ease

Of being


Closer than I’ve been


Open door


Mystical score


And better


Than holding tightly

My Valentine

Wishing so sweetly

That you



My bird if you give me

That much pleasure

Then you must

Stay in this cage;

Every single feather


That’s clipped

Will never

See what is more


Never fly

Feeling the

Ocean’s breeze


Never living as

You want 

And please


Locked love is not

Where I want

To go


No ownership

That restricts

The flow

Of life that’s


One that’s free;


Sefless love

Un-attached is

For me


Not thinking of just

What I can



Love with limits

Is not

My aim;


It’s to open it wide,

Be honest about

What’s inside


Of me, in me

But am I really

So sure?


Of what seems

So solid

The inner core


Is something


I question now


And how


Our sight can be


The hinderances

That keep

Preventing me


From looking

With another view

Love’s more

Than just for

One or two


Or three or even

For six or nine

For all beings

Across all space

And time


An empty love


And free


Empty but full

An overflow

A letting go


Of even life

When it comes

To the end


Being thankful

Instead that

You were my friend


My lover

And others

Everyone to include


Court them all

Great Love

With what you exude


It’s not me

Or mine or

My Valentine


Much more

Than this, it’s

Love sublime.


Inspired by Rich Batsford’s ‘Valentine Court Recaught’ and Ajahn Brahmavamso’s talk ‘What is Love?’ 


Felicity Chapman, 2021

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