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Felicity has two published books: a professional book entitled Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care through Jessica Kingsley Publishers of London, and her debut novel Connected which is an inspirational story of two women - their trials and triumphs - and the secret that they come face to face with.

Felicity Chapman
Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care: A Support Guide

ISBN-13: 978-1785923968

ISBN-10: 178592396X

The global population is ageing rapidly yet there is a shortage of skilled professionals able to support the wellbeing of older people in care. Older people can be more vulnerable to mental health issues such as loneliness, anxiety, grief, loss, and cognitive changes, and need therapeutic support that addresses their specific needs and conditions.

This supportive guide for psychotherapists, counsellors and other professionals working with older people, addresses the growing demand for mental health services for older adults. It covers a range of issues that arise within this demographic including residential living, the referral process, assessment and engagement, and attitudes towards ageing, while contextualising these issues within larger social and political frameworks. The author describes specific interventions such as Narrative Therapy, Reminiscence Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with practical case studies woven in throughout the book.


ASIN: B01N9JUOWC (Kindle)

ISBN: 9781081631734 (Paperback)

For all those we have loved, and still do...


Above a busy café in central Melbourne an event takes place that dramatically affects the lives of two women: Lisa and Michelle. The secret that they discover rocks them to the core and takes them each on a path of discovery. But despite their polar opposite backgrounds they are both feeling haunted: one by a wealthy and controlling father, the other by a traumatic past and an addiction to illicit liaisons. Will what has been revealed to them be a blessing or a curse as they try and forge ahead to overcome their inner demons? Are they able to help each other weather adversity, and what larger issues are at stake if their unity is destroyed? 

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